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Time Confetti And The Broken Promise Of Leisure, by Ashley Whillans

FaceBook  On Nov 24, 2020 Deepak Shah wrote:
Yes, these all are symptoms of an unfocussed, discontent, desirous mind. We are trying to get joy, meaning, satisfaction etc. from outside, which is never. It's all mind game. It is said that to know the world, one has to know himself. Now technology is one more hurdle. one has to be smart for the use of technology. Am I using my time with the technologypurposefully? can I minimize it for the same productivity? Again productivity is machine concept, not suiting organic humans. Unless we change our lenses, we will be again and again in the same trap

Universal Humans In Training, by Gary Zukav

FaceBook  On Sep 3, 2019 Deepak Shah wrote:
Yes this universal human is same as "Purusha" as we call in Yoga and Samkhya Philosophy
It has Characteristics of
All Knowing
With Complete Satisfaction
Knowledge without beginning
All Knowing
Having immeasurable power
We all have this characteristics within us. We just require to practice to come out of Chitta vritii.e. Personality complex