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Choosing Suffering over Safety, by Bonnie Rose

FaceBook  On Aug 18, 2015 deepak satam wrote:

Suffering is suffering, i don't know why must we avoid,  it is part of life, instead of denying the suffering being with suffering will get us out of it. we are probably too attached to people, family, friends, pets... out of our circle of known people do we really suffer as much for the unknown people...??? I don't know if Suffering is bad as everyone goes through it but i suppose learning & understanding suffering in the true sense could dissolve the pain...


Suffering Leads to Grace, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Nov 4, 2014 indian wrote:

 How can suffering lead to grace...??? The whole of humanity has been suffering for ages without ant exception, and the grace is totally lost... there is just no grace what so ever. If what Ram dass say is true the world would have been full of grace... the fact is world is devoid of any grace so far as humanbeings are concerned.