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If There Is No Self, Whose Arthritis Is This?, by Sylvia Boorstein

FaceBook  On Feb 23, 2021 David T. Matta wrote:
Hi Nilesh,
I do not totally agree. Both condemn an inflated sense of ego and postpone the verdict on the ego until unexpressed reality is experienced without a doubt. They use different semantics on the way to describeultimate reality and both of the languages are grossly inaccurate and can easily be misconstrued and mis-characterized.

“Yato Vacho Nivartante, Aprapya Manasa Saha” – The Realm of Reality is there from where the mind along with speech returns disappointed. (Taittiriya Upanishad). This is true for both traditions.

If There Is No Self, Whose Arthritis Is This?, by Sylvia Boorstein

FaceBook  On Feb 22, 2021 David T. Matta wrote:
The questions still bewilder me until today. I do not understand the claim about no-self, on a practical level, that is. Yes, one can present convincing arguments about it that may refine our view about the self. But I do not think it will have any real significance until it is fully experienced.

In the meantime, as a person troubled by emotions, I am satisfied by not asserting a no-self view but rather working hard to decrease the negative impacts of such a view, beginning with the inflated sense of ego.The Dalai Lama in one of his videos is very clear about developing a healthy sense of self, not a denial of it. The view of reality as it is comes in time, and it is fruitless to force it by intellectual understanding.

The Hole-y Bucket, by Gopal Dada

FaceBook  On Feb 1, 2021 David T. Matta wrote:
The leaky bucket reminded me of the job I had and was not satisfied with and later quit. Aside from the material compensation, it was a waste ot time and a source of stress, I thought. But then, I met some of the people I worked with and found how they appreciated the advice and learning I gave to them then and that changed their lives. So the lesson is an activity may not be rewarding to you but it will for others that are affected by it. And this is good enough. Thank you, Gopal Dada.

We Are Weavers, by Jon Madian

FaceBook  On Jan 19, 2021 Daoud Matta wrote:
Gratitude tothe past and responsibilityto the future while being mindful of the present. We are interconnected indeed across time and space.