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Come Home to Love, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Sep 1, 2014 Dandapani Y wrote:

Love, loving is embedded in all living things , human included. In the animals when we find this trait we simply say that they are programmed  by nature. But the same thing is there in the human beings too. Programmed. Yet the Freewill that we possess makes that think that we can control  everything. " I will love if I like. I will love if I want. " the moment this "I" takes over love is no longer in its pure form. It is contaminated . 

So, I think, that to feel love and to feel loved back the "I" should recede in the back ground . This is where an understanding Self Knowledge would help. 


Search Inside or Outside?, by Rabiya

FaceBook  On Aug 25, 2014 Dandapani Y wrote:

 Simple and yet profound. I have a related observation to make. As I search in the outside word  without knowing what I am searching for , I am generally joined by a few others  who, I think, will help me in my search. In the process I am taken far far away from my original search  though that itself was unclear to me. It dawns on me that I am the only one who knows what I am searching for and I am the only one who can identify it when my search ends in success.