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Dignity of Restraint, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

FaceBook  On Jan 17, 2015 debbie wrote:

This teaching/sharing has been gifted to me at the right time.  I began to consciously exercise restraint a few years ago and the results have been enlightening for me.  Creating healthy boundaries for myself and acknowledging my personal limitations has given me clarity and awareness.  My focus over the last year has been "enough" - having enough, being enough, tolerating enough, enough blessings, enough time, enough love...enough acceptance, enough attachment, enough aversion...This focus, together with restraint, is helping me to walk my talk, to be compassionate without and within.

In peace, debbie


Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Jan 13, 2015 debbie wrote:

 i sense you dancing at the edge of on dear spirit!


Going Beyond the Roles We Play, by Mack Paul

FaceBook  On Jan 13, 2015 debbie wrote:

 It takes many years for most of us to really see and acknowledge the roles we have played - the roles we have been encouraged to play and the roles we assume in order to avoid dealing with the challenges of life.  When this awareness comes to us, we can begin to learn the lessons that result from the challenges. And when those lessons are accepted, we can be our authentic and true spirit.