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Why Do We Shout In Anger?, by Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2013 Colleen wrote:

 The question, "Why do we shout in anger ... ?" I think this insightful essay says it all.  I can not add to it.  Wow!


The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2013 Colleen wrote:

 I feel strongly that I have enough love in my life, that I am very much loved and yet love is unquantifiable.  A little girl of six whom I care for daily, asked me, "Who do you love more, Thomas (her brother) or me?"  I answered, "Who do you love more, your father or mother?" She knew instantly that there was no measurable difference. I know her parents. They love each other and their children well. I feel that I am blessed in that I can't distinguish a degree of difference between the love I feel towards my own two adult children, or my parents or my siblings or my grandchild and friends.. I simply love and this is sufficient.