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If Sameness Is A Demand We Make, by Rev. Carol Carnes

FaceBook  On Mar 8, 2010 Jay wrote:

Aw yes, 'Change'! The one characteristic of the Universe that we have the most trouble adopting. And yet at some level we grow to reaize that the only real security lies in change. And the more we evolve, the more we learn to embrace the quality of change--eventually awaiting its ever new experience with awed anticipation. And in aligning our intention with an increasing 'need-to-know' and a sense of 'allowance', we find oourselves movimg into a state of being at one with the change--and then finally, becoming  the change itself as a homeward bound co-creator......Jim 


The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On May 14, 2007 Jay wrote:
Simplicity is freedom, complexity is bondage--whether applied to our "cluttered thinking" about money or our inability to clear our garage. In a nation where compulsive cluttering is moving steadily toward a pandemic condition--money to buy has become the holy grail of 'do-it-yourself' therapy. Enough money will fix it--and then you don't have to deal with feelings, emotions or behavior--just take the money and buy more stuff to fill up the hole.

Becoming Truly Independent, by Andrew Cohen

FaceBook  On Apr 24, 2007 Jay wrote:
These are great and encouraging words:"That the goal is never moving from where we always have been--never losing touch from what we know is most important. When we get to that point, our work is over: there is nothing left to do. Then we will become truly independent individuals." I think I understand what he is pointing toward--certainly this could become a mantra for mental health counselors everywhere. But will it hold up to the new 'timeline' and what appears to be the planet's latest directive. I have not been priviliged to participate in Mr Cohen's intensive, "Evolutiionary Enlightenmen"--a workshop that I suspect deals with the seemingly, world-wide spiritual movement away from "independent individualism" and toward the collective consciousness of 'WE' energy--a new thinking that seems poised to define the present planetary transition period. There are mulitple departure points from a wide array of philosphical, theological, and energetic leaders as they address the next important step in the field of human consciousness development. From my observation, none of this leadership is touting 'independent individualism' as this jouney's next step--or that "there is nothing left to do". I would love to better understand his "Evolutionany Enlightment" concept in light of this final paragraph.