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See The Universe In A Sunflower, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On May 3, 2021 Cletus Zuzarte wrote:
Amazing! To hold within one's heart the possibility and the manifestation. The eye of a mystic who can see what is not yet! I have had the priviledge of looking at my garden that surrounds my home and it has been only recently that is around just 8 to 10 years and since then there have been some fruit bearing trees like the mango, guava, chikoo, love apple, custard apple and limes. Out of these only the guava, chickoo and one mango tree has given fruits. I know the others have potential of giving fruits but they will do so in their own time. They have the potential but the manifestation will be at a time when it is ready to do so, when the conditions are right. I wait in hope and perhaps when that day comes I will come back and share with you! For the moment I just thank God and nature for the boutiful harvest of guavas, mangoes and chickoos this year!

A 13-Year-Old In A Museum, by Nancy Collier

FaceBook  On Dec 8, 2020 Cletus Zuzarte wrote:
Amazingly True, Often we project our lives instead of living it, enjoying the moment and actually being the present moment, now!

Attunement: an Agendaless Presence, by Daniel Goleman

FaceBook  On Mar 18, 2018 Cletus wrote:

Being Attuned to another person is being Present totally; body, mind and heart. How true we just can't multi task if we have to listen to another person. Connection takes place only when both ends have been able to give and receive. I am reminded to come to terms to this reality each time I listen to my wife, she can sense the disconnect if I am not wholly participating in the conversation. 


Where We Are Is Our Temple, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Dec 28, 2017 Cletus Zuzarte wrote:

 Jack's reflection was an affirmation of the decisions I have taken in my life. It makes me so happy to know that where I am at present is where I ought to be and in fact, it is a holy place! At no point in my life, I have regretted the decisions I have taken. My decision to marry my wife and now the decision to live in a village away from the city is nothing short of where I should be. In Gratitude for this affirmation!


Three Millimeters of the Universe, by Daniel Gottlieb

FaceBook  On Oct 25, 2016 Cletus wrote:

 My three millimeters of the universe is my family, and now that I do not have them around I realize it had been entrusted to me and now they have been taken away. My slow ongoing rrealizations and acceptance of this fact helps me to be humble and do whatever I can do to restore the lost piece of paradise. 


When Death Comes, by Mary Oliver

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2006 Cletus Zuzarte wrote:
Yes! the thought and reflection on Death makes me once again commitment myself to the business of living life with integrity and making a difference!