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To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2013 Petro wrote:

To me, I share all the love that is within me .. and I am Infinite Love, it is within me, around me, it is me.  My soul is love, and all I have to do is to fill my soul up to the brim, daily.  I get my supply from God, Himself, and then it starts to flow out of me and fills all the spaces and people around me ...  If you have a short of supply .. just go looking for God,  seek and ye shall find ... He will give you infinite supply of love and you will start to overflow .. and your life will change from mediocre to miraculous ... Try it, it works for me ...Sending you all lots of love and blessings ...


Dropping That Drug, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Oct 1, 2013 Petro wrote:

I am on this journey and I did take control of my emotions and each time someone tries to manipulate me, or hurt me, or control me, I stand back, and say to myself, I can choose not to feel hurt, not to be controlled ... I know myself.. I can live with myself  ... I can be with only myself for hours and  enjoy it ...My journey has only started and it is by reading stuff like this and by learning from the masters, that my life take shape and  love and joy fills me up and lead me to new horizon's not known to me before ... thank you ...  May your day be filled with joy, beauty and abundance  ...