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The Game Is To Be Where You Are, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2020 heide toner wrote:
what causes me even more sadness is the behemoth corporations that have convinced all of us that the" prescribed being" that they dictate to us is the real way to live. So now we are all sheep or chickens following or flocking to protect ourselves hoping that we're not chosen to be the next meal for these predators there is no better way to control the nation then Create the illusion of separateness and then when the sickness comes swoop in and medicate us for every normal human reaction to this mass manipulation of our "space suits and perceptions " They don't have to "kill the trees".. we are doing it for them in the misguided belief That it will save us individually from the masses Who aren't even the enemyanyway😥

Pandemic, by Lynn Ungar

FaceBook  On Mar 17, 2020 heide wrote:
if this event is not the most perfect example of how we must share and care for each other then I don't know what it is. Clearly, stuff and money and status are all irrelevant at this point....I'm sure it is a frightening wake up call for at least one or two generations of people who have been living in an illusion of control, power and immortality..This is a real test of gratitude and faith

Releasing Willpower From Movement, by Gert van Leeuwen

FaceBook  On Mar 3, 2020 heide wrote:
this is so well written and really captures the idea of letting go of control and fear and allowing our body to open it up to the energies that we seek. In our busy busy world it seems unsafe at times but in truth if we are controlling and thinking then we are part of the busyness. It is indeed a wonderful feeling to be sitting on the deck in the sun beam and allowing a bigger knowledge than the mind to accept that we will feel even safer by having less control, By allowing the mine to be silent and the body to open it self up to every ounce of the Divine matrix energy. When it happens it alters my entire sense of self.

A Heart Of Warmth Is Not Something Impossible, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jan 28, 2020 heide toner wrote:
just reading this filled my heart. I too was ridiculed for having an open heart, for caring about others too much apparently. I love hearing from all of you because it helps me to know we all belong to the same tribe. I am always trying I guess to welcome new members but some resist and become angry and letting go is important.... it gets tiring to keep hearing "you're just too sensitive"