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A Guide To Life's Turning Points, by Brian Browne-Walker

FaceBook  On Oct 22, 2013 Bruce Preville wrote:

 Not as much about changing oneself, or of turning one's course, but of pausing and truing oneself to the currents of life, of seeing oneself as "merely an instrument, being played by the deep nature within and without, connected, and in harmony."
Takes out the struggle, the trying, which leaves one in alignment with the natural flow, engaged and at peace.


To Be Simply, Radically, Absolutely Still, by Gangaji

FaceBook  On May 28, 2013 Bruce Preville wrote:

"Being still too recognize what is always here" is a pathway to truth.  Truth that lives in a presence rather than a figuring out, a realization rather than an inquiry, an experience rather than an understanding.  It is not making truth clear, but an allowing, consisting of removal of barriers to the apprehension of the truth, a truth that is always and has always been so, whether we noticed it or not.


Using Attention in a New Way, by Gil Fronsdal

FaceBook  On Jan 15, 2013 Bruce Preville wrote:
Building the mental muscle of directing our attention is really strengthening and bringing forth our intention, enabling us to maintain our intentions in the face of whatever occurs, whether external or internal, that would otherwise take us out.  Leading a life with intentions remaining present, thereby generating and realizing possibilities consistent with those intentions is living life powerfully.  What this takes is persistent practice of a life-fitness program, like meditating, with coaching to keep us on the path and get us over the bumps along the way.

Our Teachers in Nature, by Elisabet Sahtouris

FaceBook  On Sep 19, 2012 Bruce Elkin wrote:
 A wonderful, hopefully view of what's happening in the world. Embrace the natural world. Learn how it works. Design in harmony with the systems that sustain all life. Use only what is truly needed. Seek simplicity in material, abundance in relationship, job and creation. And maybe we'll make it through. Let's hope!