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In Eyes Of God, We're All Minorities, by Barbara Brown Taylor

FaceBook  On Feb 26, 2020 Bharat Chauhan wrote:
If I may assume that God means same qualities in every religion/belief then for the sake of understanding, let's call God=Principle. Principles are natural laws that are universal, self-evident, self-validating, timeless, objective and at work whether or not we understand or value them. For example the Law of Gravity.
If another assumption I make is true then every religion/belief is a mental map of that community. Lets call it Paradigm.
As long as Paradigms are in alignment with the principle there should not be any conflict. Just the Peace everywhere.
Learning lesson for me is that before I act on any of my thought(Paradigm), I should confirm that its in alignment with the Principle(GOD). If not then don't act on it because acting on a thought that is not aligned to the Principle is for sure going to bring conflict.

The Glass is Already Broken, by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

FaceBook  On Nov 2, 2016 Bharat Chauhan wrote:

 When I first read I thought same way but was taken a little back!  Thought, I am being egoistic because I did not agree with interpretation of Thai master by author.  I did not see anywhere in master's explanation of glass to relate it as if we are dead!  How can I even think if I am behaving as if I am dead!  I totally agree with impermanence and non-attachment but it it needs life to experience presence, impermanence and non-attachment!
Thank you all for expressing your views!  I would like to live ......


Becoming Free of Our Substitute Life, by Ezra Bayda

FaceBook  On Oct 5, 2016 Bharat Chauhan wrote:
Samuel Smiles said the same thing:
"Sow a thought, reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a destiny."

I am blessed that I believe and understand today's wisdom reading.
As said by Jagdishbhai, its inner work and needs continuous awareness to start sowing original rather than substitute thoughts.
Thanks for refreshing my thoughts and in gratitude to souls who are facilitating journey of this less traveled road.


Compassion: an Objective Form of Empathy, by Jeff Weiner

FaceBook  On Sep 25, 2015 Bharat Chauhan wrote:

 It is not a personal story but has been a short and sweet life changing message from my guru, Dr. Stephan R. Covey.



Only Service Heals, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2014 Bharat wrote:

Thanks for sharing Abhishek.  I was feeling same way but could not put it in words precisely.  Salute to your clarity of mind.
As a proactive approach, if I ever felt disturbed, irritated or frustrated during or after serving(during the process of long term serving) it immediately awakens me!  I begin to look at the event retrospectively and always result of that introspection is my ego ( "local me")! And that means I also feel that so far I have hardly served in a true manner!  Thanks for giving clarity to the reading for me to understand.
I know, the day I feel pure peace and joy, will be the day I have served.


Should We Spend Time Like Money?, by Stefan Klein

FaceBook  On Apr 2, 2014 Bharat wrote:

 That's what exactly I was thinking while reading.  Power of Now is amazing book to help practicing that mind is a tool not the master.  Thanks Rakesh and sis Asha for sharing


Pablo Neruda's Greatest Lesson from Childhood, by Lewis Hyde

FaceBook  On Dec 11, 2013 Bharat wrote:

 Wonderful perspectives.  I think we have forgotten freedom and got so much carried away by "order & function"
that it has started taking charge of our lives and unfortunately it has gotten so strong that as a civilized society we are afraid of, sometimes, even thinking free!  Jyoti's thinking sounds holistic rather than symptomatic treatment of our social issues in relationships.  I have always felt joy coming from childlike innocence or freedom as the sweetest joy!


A Guide To Life's Turning Points, by Brian Browne-Walker

FaceBook  On Oct 23, 2013 Bharat wrote:

Thank you.
Many many days of  cloudiness got perfect tool to bring clarity.  Of course, as reading says I need to believe in stillness for mud to settle down and clarity to surface.
Once again thanks for throwing light on my darkness which was about to turn in to despair!
thank you, Thank you, Thank you.......


Emotions for Liberation, by Sally Kempton

FaceBook  On Jul 31, 2013 Bharat wrote:

I can't agree anymore, Rajnikant!