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What is Meditation?, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Sep 27, 2016 Barbara Keller wrote:

What the author refers to; I notice in moments when I see and hear myself in interaction with others without judgment or comparison of the inner voices within me. Without feeling the need to push or pull or change the situation/interaction in a given direction. I just observe all reactions, with me being able to stay calm, not identified with the situation. It is amazing how much limiting beliefs, assumptions and other thoughts have shown themselves. It made me so much more aware of the twists and turns of my inner voices of fear, judgment, anger.  Thank you for sharing your article. With kind regards, Barbara Keller 


Trees are Sanctuaries, by Herman Hesse

FaceBook  On Sep 20, 2016 Barbara Keller wrote:

 I was so touched to reread Hermann Hesses observations and reflections. I read them as a youngster. I have been in love with trees since my young years and have played around and with them. Support them when they do grow on a difficult place and go to visit them when the wheather is rough on them. But also for wisom and to be reminded over and over again by their holding and allowing me to come home under their roof of leaves where I feel safe. 
Thank you so much for this sharing! I will remind my tree friends that some are in touch with them. Bless you!