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Freely vs Free, by Thuy Nguyen

FaceBook  On Jul 18, 2017 Atul Sahu wrote:

What a beautiful article and answer to my quest to know, Who am i and what am I doing. Now i can say that what i am doing is the "most natural expression of who I’ve become and of who I am." Thank you


Organic Gift, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Jul 18, 2017 Atul Sahu wrote:

This article by Parker Palmer, just took me back to the story of Tukaram Maharaj when the thief visit his farm and stolen the cow. And his introspectiongoes like this "who was this bheetar ka chor? Well, bhagwan ki gaay, bhagwan ki dharti, bhagwan ki baarish, bhagwan ka ghaas, aur us ghaas ko khaakar jo doodh aaya woh bhi bhagwaan ka hi. Usko mera kehna aur maanna woh chori nahin to aur kya hain? (Everything belongs to God - the earth, the cow, the rains, the grass and the milk which the cow gives after eating the grass. The one who thinks and asserts that the cow and the milk are mine is the inner thief). When i see both the story in integrated way, it revalidated my own value of simplicity.