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Flow of Money, by David Korten

FaceBook  On Aug 29, 2011 Fr.A.S.Antonisamy wrote:

Like Flow of money Circulation of money can be compared with the cirulation of blood. If the blood clots in the brain the body is paralysed.So also if the money is blocked without circulation the whole society will be paralysed.


Flow of Money, by David Korten

FaceBook  On Aug 29, 2011 A.S.Antonisamy wrote:

 It is rare to find people like David Korten to focus the attention to the root cause of all evils. We need also concrete proposals to eradicate the evil. There is a concrete model of FAMCO(Family development cooperative thrift and credit society.)  for Self Help Groups with a potential of mobilising money to serve the people instead of dominating people.

In order to create a democratically accountable money system that operates as our servant, not our master promote cooperative system of money transaction with necessary education and training through practise.

The education system itself promotes more competitive education and prepares people for making individual profits by running competitive companies.

If the education system gives priority to cooperative education and promote cooperative institutions money can become a servant instead of master or even a monster.

The year 2012 is declared as the international year of cooperatives.This is the right time for all the educational institutions and NGOs to promote democratically owned and managed cooperative thrift and credit societies .