Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

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Antithesis Of Addiction, by Sukh Chugh

FaceBook  On Jul 24, 2008 Asma Raheem wrote:
Silence is nothing but the awareness and acknowledgement of noise.

Deep Place Within, by Vilayat Khan

FaceBook  On Jul 16, 2007 Asma Raheem wrote:
Let us all be our own guinea pigs.

Courage to Try the Impossible, by Paulo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 6, 2007 Asma Raheem wrote:
Adversity brings out the best in man. So realize the importance of suffering and meet it headlong.

Tale of the Journeying Stream, by Sufi Parable

FaceBook  On Jan 25, 2007 Asma Raheem wrote:
How I wish I was the wind instead of the stream!!!