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You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Mar 31, 2015 Asha wrote:

 Yes, SPirituality without Silence and Purity is not Spirituality. Very nice article..... Thank You for sharing. It ha sbeen my resolution to work from within, from a space of Silence this year. We need more Silence retreats not only in our homes but also collectively as a group. 


The Act of Giving is the True Gift, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Feb 24, 2015 Dr.Asha wrote:

 This reflection is so appropriate for me at this time as my journey of Giving to strangers  is in the initial phase. Thank You. 


Staying In Your Own Business, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On Jun 18, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

 I think kindness is different from minding your own business. One should always express kindness. 


Staying In Your Own Business, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On May 27, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

 No expectation from anyone or anything is key. When you serve you serve altruistically. The word I needs to be erased. The I of ego and arrogance. For most, this is a huge task. This is why a spiritual circle is important. Humility is important. Good Company is very important. Om Shanti! 


Staying In Your Own Business, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On May 26, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

 Peace and Love from Asha! I have discussed this before in my spiritual circle. Most got upset. Most felt that it is OK to get into the business of their loved one. It is important to first erase our belief system before one can accept this very important aspect of spiritual thinking to set you free from the feeling of 'HEAVY'. 


Should We Spend Time Like Money?, by Stefan Klein

FaceBook  On Apr 1, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

 I was one of those people who was always stressed because of insufficient time to do all my tasks in a day. Meditation teaches you the harmful effects of multi tasking and making time your master. Me, the soul is the master creator of time. Using meditation to increase efficiency makes it easier to perform each task easily without stress.


True Meditation Has No Direction, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2013 Sis Asha wrote:
True meditation is really connecting with yourself and being combined with all your goodness and goodness in the world and the Ocean of Goodness of the Supreme.  

The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Apr 23, 2013 Sis Asha wrote:
Excellent posting. When I came to the BrahmaKumaris 26 years ago, I realised then that speed was not such a great thing. I was cooking lunch one day for about 20 souls who had gathered for a workshop. Being an Obstetrician, I was always used to speed. I started cooking also with great speed. At that time,I thought the senior sister would be impressed. After about an hour, the senior sister came to me and said that I should cook with love, peace and calm. I should cook with a gentle touch with no noise. I should be an angel cooking and serving the world. She said that my hurried attitude will go in the food and the souls will not be able to digest all those hormones of hurry and speed that went into the food. I immediately slowed down. I remembered the Supreme Soul and continued my cooking in a gentle loving atmosphere. Made a lot of difference to me. I felt light, loved and embraced by God. Om Shanti !

Fearlessness, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2013 BK Sis Asha wrote:

 Om Shanti ! I have been sharing the art of fearlessness with my spiritual friendship circle in San Diego ( I just heard about the deer park monastery and I look forward to my visit.  Real freedom is only experienced when one is fear free. A physical illness, loss of a loved one, etc can eat your inner core of strength, love and wisdom. Yes, mindfulness and connection with the Supreme is most important to get your freedom back. Best wishes to all for becoming fearless.


The Only Power of the Mystic, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2013 Sis Asha wrote:
True love (selfless love) is possible when there is recognition that we are souls. Originally, the soul has peaceful and loving qualities. This loving quality springs from our recognition of the Supreme Soul that is the ocean of divine love. This divine love allows us to accept all souls despite any defects or weaknesses. In reality, this divine love actually does not see the weaknesses in another soul . Divine love teaches us to appreciate only the specialties of each soul. Om shanti !