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A Bigger Container, by Charlotte Joko Beck

FaceBook  On Jun 23, 2015 Arthur wrote:

Creating a bigger container means for me being able to let go of who I have come to believe I am. To observe my conditioning and to realize that if I can see it, then I am not that. Then just in that observing it begins to dissolve and I have now created a little door to move into NOTHING which is the limitless space of who I truly am. With grace helping I can now move into a limitless container that has no size, no form, no texture and it is who I truly am, my Beingness. 


Seeing Fully, by Ajahn Brahm

FaceBook  On Mar 17, 2014 Arthur wrote:

 Thanks for the reminder that each one of us is a unique fingerprint of God


Seeing Fully, by Ajahn Brahm

FaceBook  On Mar 11, 2014 Arthur wrote:

After many years of toiling to achieve "perfection", I am now beginning to find the joy in life, the everyday life. When I look at who authorized me to be able to determine what is perfect and what is not perfect? When I can see life just the way it IS, a  joy emerges and I can see that there is a Greater Hand at play and I can be thankful and truly grateful  for all things as they turn out. The funny thing is when I look back in every case what happened was just what was needed and designed that I can learn something which enables me to grow and enlarge and I am a better person for it and I can laugh with life a little bit better equipped to serve.