Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

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If You Really Pay Attention, by Paula Underwood

FaceBook  On Sep 22, 2009 Peruse Khachoyan wrote:

Beautiful... Humbling... Thank you!


One Legitimate Use of Power, by Keshavan Nair

FaceBook  On Aug 18, 2009 Peruse E. Khachoyan wrote:

Inherent in the power of service as the pinnacle point of leadership and success in all areas of human life/endeavor is a soul deep understanding that community is the fundamental and overriding reality of human life. Not community in the flat, lump everyone together in a blur of sameness sense that we so often see, but dynamic community where each recognizes every other as a unique gift of the Divine, created for good purpose and worthy of love, respect, and caring. 

Service is a function of wholeness and the most natural state of being. Psychological well-being surely requires clarity in boundaries and the ability to distinguish between self and others. However, we lose the point, and significant parts of our shared humanity, when the boundaries appropriate to healthy individualism are replaced by false dichotomies that elevate self and objectify [de-humanize] others. Genuine community never negates the self - of any of us. To the contrary! The paradox is true: we thrive best when living for one another. Service is, in fact, a fundamental rule for authentic living and healthy, productive, enduring human society. It's a no-brainer.