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Are You Ready To Lose Your World?, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2009 Archana dixit wrote:

As in astavakra geeta its said you require that unequal skill of droping the ideas or concepts about self,or about others or about the unpredictable mind.Rejoicing in now without conflict.Dropping all ideas of ego.Root of conflict is ideas or concept.true sense of touch is am all prevading even though i have'nt touched all.dissolving in big ones being.just being


The Myth of Progress, by Les Kaye

FaceBook  On Dec 10, 2008 archana wrote:
i loved Dr sajid's aptly said.also the article reached me when i was needing such encouraging lifegiving words to be at my chosen path come what may.god bless thank u