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Tale of the Journeying Stream, by Sufi Parable

FaceBook  On Jan 24, 2007 Ronelle wrote:
Amazing. We are never alone. If we feel we are in the desert, there is a bigger force to carry us through. Thank you Rajeev for this scripture.

Guest House, by Rumi

FaceBook  On Dec 17, 2006 Ronelle wrote:
Thank you so much for sharing this. On my way to work my thought this morning for the day was: You need sunshine and rain to make the harvest grown. It is not only the one, neither only the other. So a balanced life? Sometimes fun and pleasure.. Sometimes pain and grieve. What we make of the sunshine or the rain in our life is totally up to us. No one says it is easy!! But we have the choice to make the best. Take care..

Divided You Suffer, United You Dance, by Osho

FaceBook  On Dec 6, 2006 Ronelle wrote:
Do whatever you do in full. Have a full glass in life or an empty glass. Not half. My mind, and heart, was pulled in two directions simultaneously, and yes, the confusion that it was creating, was hell. So I know I had to decide what I want.. I have to sort myself. Have to become total. Sometimes its just easier said than done.