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The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Aug 25, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
The surrender experiment article made me think of how egocentric we can be as a whole at times! Maybe even more so disconnected from the web of life and maybe even more heartbreaking, is the lack of trust within the strategy of controlling. It takes a certain amount of trust to let go and accept. I keep reminding myself of my place in the universe. It feels better to surrender to forces

Maybe, Said the Farmer, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Aug 24, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
My attempt to practice equanimity comes with practicing paying attention to the parts of me that are judging a situation or person and being aware of the part of me that is wanting so very much to react by saying or doing something impulsive. I often sense that I am trying to "protect" something. I inquire within about what I think I am protecting. Identity, ego, a belief?

An example of staying in balance happened when the polarizing topic of Covid Vaccinations Vs No Vaccinations came up in a Zoom meeting with 7 of my girlfriends. I noticed how fast everyone needed their opinion to be heard. All of the same arguments arose as we see in the media. I listened in compassion without having to side or decide for or against holding duality. Now that I read the article of Scharmer's"Uncovering the Bind Spot of Leadership" I think I was using Generative Listening! There was a stillness and a flow that I experienced in that moment both of listening and sharing.

Zen Of Archery, by James Clear

FaceBook  On Aug 23, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
I tend to be in process, perhaps getting a little lost in it and miss "the goal "

Money is a Lot Like Water, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
Thank you for sharing this perspective. I couldn't quite understand some uncomfortable feelings I had with the story....but now I do.

Money is a Lot Like Water, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
I like the concept of money being a resource with movement, alive, fresh and circulating instead of dirty paper bills that greedily exchange hands on the stock market!

Inner Social Responsibility, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:
This article makes me think of Non Violent Communication....developed by Marshall Rosenberg. It's more than a communication model but an avenue for learning to be curious about your needs and the needs of others. Our feelings lead us to a part of us that has an important need or becoming aware of another persons, another country's need. And then ways of getting needs met becomes an exploration. The strategies to meed needs varies. I am thinking the process can be bogged down anywhere from acting out feelings to not really understanding the true need, to using a strategy that couldn't possibly meet the need.....or something we see so much is fighting with others about the best way to meet the need!