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Accept What Is, Lead To Improve, by Marc Lesser

FaceBook  On Oct 12, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Evolve (change) ourself and Lead to improve. !

Response Is Different From An Answer, by Ariel Burger

FaceBook  On Aug 2, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Response is, "Let's explore further to enhance happiness" on lines of 'ShikshaValli and AnandValli' chapters of Taitreya Upanisad.
There is never a final definitive answer, but the path mentioned in the first two Vallis (chapters) lead to Bhrigu Valli (becoming a Guru) and thereby a becoming a Go-to person.

Virtues Are Like Vitamins, by Adam Grant

FaceBook  On Jun 29, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
The ultimate virtue is to adopt personal 'Golden-mean'.

Die Empty, by Todd Henry

FaceBook  On Jun 8, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Space occupied by me while living is the most valuable one for me. It can accumulate, hold, and transmit the energy that I generate. Its connectivity is boundary-less with the boundless universal spaceand it never ceases on death.

Blessing For The Longest Night, by Jan Richardson

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
What's the best way to take the next step not being clear was resulting in procrastinations galore. Following meditation post'Shavaasan' getting a new solution and a clear way forward, was a wonderful blessing itself.

Radical Reflection, by Kittisaro

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2021 Anil Pandit wrote:
Prefer to articulate it as 'Radial Reflection'. To reflect back radial thought-flow emanating from the center towards outer periphery(circumference).

Invisibility In A Time Of Transparency, by Akiko Busch

FaceBook  On Apr 6, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Being transparent is to be in unison with space and thereby becoming all pervasive, thereby leading to total acceptance of existence..

Two Drops Of Oil, by Paulo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 16, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
To be aware of being part of the existence,and the ways it can support my current goal (two drops of oil in the spoon) !

Thirsty For Wonder, by Mirabai Starr

FaceBook  On Mar 9, 2021 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Like to gratefully acknowledge the filling of heart, even while reading such posts. Hearty thanks !

Half A Pomegranate, by Brian Conroy

FaceBook  On Nov 18, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
The ultimate is to get over the feeling "I" am offering. Eventually it leads to dissolve the "I" in totality.

How Caterpillar Turns Into A Butterfly, by Norie Huddle

FaceBook  On Nov 3, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Individuals, Communities, and Nations going beyond their bounds like the caterpillar tied to the tree trunk, and metamorphosing to developwings and daring to fly globally is true evolution of Human Family.

We're Voting With Our Attention, by Leah Pearlman

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Thoughts lead to Action ; Actions form Habit ; Habit develops Character and Character reaps Destiny. Indeed very thought provoking to sync ourselves with DOs.

A Route Back To Wonder, by Fabiana Fondevila

FaceBook  On Sep 28, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
'Cloud' is now even more inspirational, as it can take the form as wished by anyone and such forms can be shared worldwide.
Just upload and download our wish or creations !!

Learning How To Think, by William Deresiewicz

FaceBook  On Sep 23, 2020 ANILKUMAR PANDIT wrote:
Passion for Quality over Quantity, ensures avoiding temptation to multitask. In fact it helps to deliver tasks in multiple domains and integrating them to enhance their effectivity.

Discipline Of Tao, by D. T. Suzuki

FaceBook  On Jul 22, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Do anything.. but being totally aware of it is the key, to be in Self and being in the Present.

The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 26, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Realizing the seamless connectivity of my Internal space with Universal space is akin to merging of river with ocean, albeit without any motion. Let's consider the river as a wholesome entity from source to ocean. It remains forever connected to the ocean. So also our internal space all through life time (berth to death and thereafter) remains connected with Universal space. This realization resolves the any turbulence at time of death as paralleled with the river about to merge in ocean.

To Find Something, Don't Look For It, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On May 19, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Indeed looking for something is by itself narrowing our vision, and looking for it through external sensors is tunneling it further.
Granted that this approach does provide an in-depth understanding, but its like going into a mine looking for coal or diamond, but at the cost of missing the entire earth.
However for personal breakthrough, we need to go far beyond the seen and the un-seen, to the un-seeable! Developing ourselves far beyond the faculty of mere seeing to merge and feel the unison.

Opposite Of Meditation Is Not Action, It's Reaction, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
For tuning ourself with existence and know it in entirety, it is essential to shun all noise.
Internal Silence thereof becomes a great facilitator for ourself to transform as an observer with capability to perceive totality.

Why We Listen Better To Strangers Than Family, by Kate Murphy

FaceBook  On Apr 21, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Listen, Reflect and Contemplate on what is listened. This for sure brings in new element and evolution of relations even with those with decades of association. Having developed this aptitude it also facilitates to listen to existence which is our oldest association.

In Eyes Of God, We're All Minorities, by Barbara Brown Taylor

FaceBook  On Feb 25, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Everyone as a minority has a wider opportunity to evolve, instead of getting stagnated.
Further being a minority (call it singularity),facilitates getting connected (by peeping inward) to the core of existence and realize its everlasting beauty.

When Someone Deeply Listens To You, by John Fox

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2020 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Have noticed that a speaker tends to keep his gaze towards a particular person in the audiance. Looking at such person, I find that this particular person is 'Deep Listening' the speaker, seen just by observing the eyes, facial expression, and occassional noddiing of such person. It is a wonderful engagement between the two, setting up resonance and thereby enhancing the amplitude of absorbtion!
Humility is the simplest way to imbibe Deep Listening, which further leads to Deep Learning !!

Meaning And The Song Of The Soul, by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

FaceBook  On Jan 21, 2020 Anil Pandit wrote:
Thanks Llewellyn..
The deepest purpose of being alive is to sense my interactive role and deliverables to the existence. These indeed are the notes of music when comprehended and played through - melody engulfs myself, and also the universe around. Just being aware of my every action, has the potential to connect and being in sync with my inner self. Call it inner-engineering?

Spiritual Materialism, by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Jan 14, 2020 Anil Pandit wrote:
Like to submit my humble understanding on the subject.
My association being more in materialism (also dealing with material world) getting to know it to the core and depth is what I endeavor.
Having had numerous guides in spiritualism has in fact helped me, use it as a vehicle to gain deeper understanding of the material world and derive happiness therewith. 

Beauty Is The Very Nature Of The Kosmos, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Dec 17, 2019 Anil Pandit wrote:
"Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder" but its perception as with anything viewed, is derived in the brain. Perceiving every object as energy has been the key for my developing elation for it.

How Can You Live In This World And Yet Be Innocent?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Living in gratitude is being innocent. It's a catalyst for shedding ego, naturally invoking our child-like spirit and be humble to realize our dependency on others and the existence, thereby requesting any help with ease.

Monet Refuses The Operation, by Lisel Mueller

FaceBook  On Oct 15, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Space (prefer to call it Aakash) pervades all through, being present in seen material objects, unseen stuff, and non-visible entities. Touch it, feel it from the space within us and we get connected with oneness with the universe. I like this quote - "Even when I just pluck a flower, the remotest star is disturbed!"

Zen Of Archery, by James Clear

FaceBook  On Oct 9, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
I was reminded of the story when Dronacharya was testing his students in archary. Having perched a small bird on a tree, the task was to hit it from some distance away. Before allowing the student to shoot he would ask "What do you see?". The replies varied from seeing multiple things like the bird, the branch, the tree, the sky etc.. Arjun's reply was "I see only the bird" Only he was permitted to shoot and he did pass the test. There was a rejoinder to the same story, whence Karna (another notable archer) was asked: "What do you see when you try to shoot a target?" His reply was: "I do not see anything. I feel that I am the arrow and moving towards the target !"

My Neighbor's Corn, by Naren Kini

FaceBook  On Oct 1, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Reflection truly is getting back whatever we transmit. Be it the corn pollens, our image from a mirror, or our thoughts projected to existance. Goodness begets happiness and that's goodness.

Unconditioned Stillness, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Jun 8, 2019 Anil Pandit wrote:
While doing a 'Jaapa', everytime the same mantra is repeated, the 'repeat' happens on its own and without any thoughtful intervention. During the minute time interval of transition, the mind experiences stillness. In the practice of multiple jaapa, there is accumulation (integration) of these time intervals, which can be felt / sensed / cherished !