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Opening Thy Palm, by Rabindranath Tagore

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2019 Angela wrote:
I have never heard this story until just now reading it and then listening. I am grateful and enriched and humbled. Thank you.

The Root Of The Root Of Your Self, by Rumi

FaceBook  On Nov 23, 2018 Angela C. Montano wrote:

 I am so grateful to have received this be reading these words translated from Rumi's poetry. Just reading these words, I begin to return to the root of the root of myself. For me, everytime I am willing to question a stressful thought and realize it is false, I come back to the root of the root of me. 


Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces, by Cherokee Story

FaceBook  On Nov 2, 2016 Angela C. Montano wrote:

I love this story and have shared it many times myself but the version I have is not this one. This one is better. What a powerful teaching. To honor both the light and the dark of our own nature.