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Search Inside or Outside?, by Rabiya

FaceBook  On Aug 26, 2014 Murlidhar Rao wrote:

 It is very true. Pleasures are in the out side world real happiness is inside. We see and feel the world by our scenes (Indrias) which can see only the external world. We get attracted by its glamor and desire to posses them. whole life is spent in this process. we never get it because it is not there as rightly said by the Sufi Saint. exhausted by the mad race to posses when we sit quietly and look in side we find the true happiness.Then we realize how foolishly we have wasted our life.    


All We Can Do Is Share Ourselves, by Panache Desai

FaceBook  On Aug 12, 2014 Murlidhar Dhyanlok wrote:

To me 'Sharing ourselves' means sharing the inner happiness. We all want to share something with others. We wonder what to share and with whom to share. Many a times we struggle to get right persons with whom we can share our feeling and emotions. When we over come this struggle, sit quietly and began the inner journey we realise the inner happiness. Meditating on the Divine light in side, spreads and connects us with the whole universe.The happiness  automatically spreads effortlessly. Harmony with self spreads in the family. A happy family makes a happy society which builds a happy nation. It makes the whole world harmonious and happy. Let us meditate and make the world happy, peaceful and harmonious free from war. Meditation is the solution.