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A 13-Year-Old In A Museum, by Nancy Collier

FaceBook  On Sep 2, 2021 Anand Chaturvedi wrote:
Absolutely brilliant articulations of what I always felt about. You said it right. I remember while I was growing up we used to wait for bus, go a long, very long train journeys, and so on. What do you do when you wait ? Imagine, day dream, think. But cut to now, we do not think, we only see. See WA, FB, Insta and so on. Nothing wrong but thinking has gone down, dreaming even more so.

Ambiguity Of Violence, by Robert Sapolsky

FaceBook  On Mar 29, 2021 anand Damani wrote:
Aggression is the manifestation of fear. Human beings are sentient beings and as a resolved person I can chart the journey of how the deluded mind moves from not understanding something to fear to aggression.
It is the science of the human soul the life atom. If this knowledge can be explained understood and practiced by just a group of families it will attract the attention of the world and spread like a wild fire.

You just need resolution and there will be no aggression in society. The aggression starts in the thoughts and the seed is the perceived reality that is by itself a delusion.

Join me in finding your own resolution and help others become resolve seeing your state of permanent bliss which ia what even the person doing the aggression needs.

Does God Have A Form?, by Arthur Osborne

FaceBook  On Aug 20, 2019 anand Damani wrote:
God or energy or whatever you want to call it is nothing without matter. In reality there is coexistence.
Matter and the all omnipotent energy coexist and that is reality.
Once this basic premise is understood then there is no mystery and everything falls in place in the whole universe.
The virtual or the life atom or the soul is energized by being in this energy and understanding is the resolution for the same.Knowing reality as it is in existence clears it of all doubts and the coexistence of the life atom with the physical body is the way to achieve that blissful state.
I have understood reality and humble can answer any question anyone can have about anything scientific, philosophy or imaginative.
Would love to hear from anyone and answer them in all humility and wait for this illuminated state of being experienced by them :)

Uniform Corn-Rows In High-Tech Isolation, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On Nov 12, 2018 Anand Damani wrote:

 Amazing to see people growing up and moving away from the evils of GMO and other varitties which have profit motive which is the route cause for all the devastation caused globally.