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Who are you, really?, by Kosi

FaceBook  On Nov 19, 2014 Amit wrote:

 We live in this cause and effect world and we see us in relation to the worldly matters. All of us have names and we all have a way to introduce ourselves. We are all so much lost in our relative self that we hardly get the time know our absolute self! Saints like Ramana Maharishi or J. Krishnamurty or many other religious leaders jolt us from this relative reality and we get the glimpse of our absolute self. This glimpse and the moment joy remains in our memory and than we make the grave error of knowing more about it through other worldly sources. More we learn from others or from books written by others, more confused we become! Adding reflection here is confusing our own self. Let us be alive naturally and choicelessly and be aware of peace & happiness!


A Newly Rich Life With Yourself, by Martha Nussbaum

FaceBook  On Sep 19, 2014 Amit wrote:

 I was diagnosed with life style decease in 2012. Today I am healthy and happy. While recovering from the illness, I decided to stop working for earning. I started Enjoying(self loving) my life. For last two years, I have shared my past experiences and knowledge with many non-profit organizations and suddenly realized that a joy in sharing my knowledge with others is more satisfying than making money! Our needs, our wanting and possessiveness comes from ignorance of understanding our own self! Self-knowledge and dropping our ego will naturally turn our life at a deeper level to peace love and having less and less need. 


Search Inside or Outside?, by Rabiya

FaceBook  On Aug 26, 2014 Amit wrote:

Searching inwards is like looking at a mirror! You are looking at the reflections produced by it, reflection is not the original. similarly we are looking at any events or objects in this cause and effect world. our interpretation of this event or object is not the original. Beauty here is that our manifested awareness can produce infinite possibility of interpretations. best one it can produce is when you are in peace, in love and in alert awarefullness!!   


Every Sensation Comes to an End, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Jul 29, 2014 Amit wrote:

 Let us understand this very clearly and instantly that "Outward awareness is not different from the inward awareness as the observer is the observed." Being fully and choicelessly aware is a state in which there is no residual memory left, and to reply to your question is abserd. To be awareful, one must be free from all kind of binding.All kind of thought and frictions. One must be very passionate and full of energy . 


What Is Your Storyteller Doing?, by Mary O'Malley

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2014 Amit wrote:

 Hello David,
You write well about all of you. The shadow side which we don't want to treat as us is us only! Your comment that "Learning about me, inching along the road of increased awareness" Is it in the region of time and space? Is it not either awareness or attention deficit? From the perspective of everything in me is me. Is it not us awareness and attention deficit?


What Is Your Storyteller Doing?, by Mary O'Malley

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2014 Amit wrote:

 Thank you for your comment, I was happy to see that what is being shared is also read! I wanted to add to the Nipun's point that unlearning is very difficult process. My focus was that like my grand daughter, I have (we all have) formed the habit of story telling. Unlearning it is very difficult, even after reading and understanding for so many years, we are being hijacked all the time by our stories. Habit which was formed at earlier age and onwards are difficult to get rid off. I am learning to be passionate selflessly about the challenge of being free from any kind of beliefs and binding looking forward to that state of mind when love and peace prevails in it without expectations.


What Is Your Storyteller Doing?, by Mary O'Malley

FaceBook  On Jul 22, 2014 Amit wrote:

 I have a three and half year old grand daughter. She is just learning the process of story telling. Many times I feel she is getting into wrong habit! I have yet to learn how to stop her from getting into habit of story telling. She is in terrible mess when she gets up from the sleep in the afternoon. I can see that she does not know how how to stop. Her tantrums gets very wild some times and my wife will help her divert her mind into her favorite food or song. She becomes normal after a while! After reading J. Krishnamurty and his views of being passionate about being free from thoughts which crowd our consciousness all the time and does not allow us to learn to be pure observation. I find it difficult after lots of learning, to be patiently and aimlessly waiting for the unknown to appear and be in truth, peace and love!


Maybe, Said the Farmer, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On May 13, 2014 amit wrote:

 "How do we protect ourselves from indifference and sentimentality at the same time?" Can we explore and find out who is this OURSELVES?


Transforming The Wandering Mind, by Ven. Master Miao Tsan

FaceBook  On Apr 29, 2014 Amit wrote:

 As human being brought up in this competitive world, we are confused and egoistic. By force of our habit we are stuck in wandering thoughts one after another in endless sequence. We can not control and we can't distance our self from these wandering thoughts. Learning to welcome them gracefully and observing it without any judgement is still within our scope. Let us not look for any method and let us not try to get to a single-pointed placement of mind. Let us remain at ease and in relaxed in these vast consciousness without exhausting and exerting.    


Nothing Else Matters, by Scott Morrison

FaceBook  On Apr 17, 2014 Amit wrote:

 I was reading Stephen Covey and his first habit of being proactive. it must be 15 years ago. We are all so engrossed in this cause and effect world. We hardly know how to go beyond it. It is person with wisdom who sometimes wants to carry us there. As J. Krishnamurty said ' To go beyond the self-enclosing activities of the mind, you must understand them; and to understand them is to be aware of action in relationship, relationship to things, to people, and to ideas. In that relationship, which is the mirror, we begin to see ourselves, without any justification or condemnation; and from that wider and deeper knowledge of the ways of our own mind, it is possible to proceed further; then it is possible for the mind to be quiet." Being alert and awareful is a constant challenge and years of perceiving our action will only take us to our nature to be unconditionally kind, honest, wise, sincere, tender, affectionate, sensitive and compassionate. It is worth a try as you will be so relieved once you are on that journey! 
Best wishes.


Should We Spend Time Like Money?, by Stefan Klein

FaceBook  On Apr 3, 2014 Amit wrote:

 It is indeed very thought provoking question "What does creating a belief "I have time" do for you?" It is as if suddenly all the sound barriers to our ears, all the screens to block visions are removed and we are open to here and see things as they are! I had very active work life, I retired a year ago. Now I am relaxed, more observant for others and being alert. Honestly I am enjoying it more as I am being active differently.
I wonder if we human beings have understood time (inner time)? We have invested all our time and intelligence in all different kinds of possessions. Let us live beyond time in love and peace!