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A Heart Of Warmth Is Not Something Impossible, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jan 28, 2020 Ambika wrote:
I am not able to intellectualizethis for this is ME from as a child. I was ridiculed for this 'EXPANDED HEART. Now that I read Tenzin Palmo-a wise one I in all practicality admit that ' A Heart of warmth is possible'
It is not a 'heard work' but a being of the 'Heart State'.

Too Many Names, by Pablo Neruda

FaceBook  On Dec 11, 2019 Ambika wrote:
It has been a cerebral the many we go through once you chose to tread the spiritual; path. To do away lose my identity....where my 'Ego' ceases to exist ... i have to regress to my infancy or ascend to 'Buddha hood'. Until then i exist because i have taken a form and been given a name. The poem inspires far from it. 

Do You Remember Your Song?, by Alan Cohen

FaceBook  On Dec 4, 2019 ambika wrote:
One of the gentlest piece of writing. Arouses such warmth within. To know that each of us is a unique, special song...with our own rhythm. How can I then dismiss any one. Do I give up a song for another? Every song has a place. It is I who needs to learn to sing the song at the right time. A chance for me to be in tune.

From: ambika 

Grateful For Nothing, by Gregg Krech

FaceBook  On Aug 13, 2019 ambika wrote:
Every morning before i open my eyes to the day, i consecrate the day to my highest self. The rest of the day flows.....every moment with my master's name on my lips. When my eyes close for the day i just say" Thank you Sai for this beautiful day". A lot of stuff happens during the day. The good, the bad and the ugly. Each moment with HIS name on my lips.
After reading the article i get it that my days have been in gratitude. Reading this article...assimilating the truth and being able to respond... is this not a miracle ? This is a wake up realization.

You Must Shout From The Heart, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Oct 10, 2018 Ambika wrote:

 God i am doing it every day all the way! Am so blessed that I'm in the midst of 18- 25 year old every wking moment. I am shouting from my heart and I can see the transformation happening.


Live Like The Roar In A Lion's Throat, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Aug 7, 2018 Ambika wrote:

Every bit of me would have loved to be just that. I have dreamed of it visualised it but never ever got to being "a  roar........throat". Have not even succeeded in being a 'meawo'  in a cat's throat. May be my last breath will leave me in a roar......though I have lived a kitty's life I shall die a lion. " In death she was courages" shall read my epitaph.


What Breaks Your Heart?, by Maria Shriver

FaceBook  On Feb 9, 2018 ambika wrote:

 I break my own heart many a time with self defeating thoughts. It heals and mends as fast as I break it when there is a space such as this where I can express myself and not be judged. Bless his space. 


What Breaks Your Heart?, by Maria Shriver

FaceBook  On Feb 7, 2018 Ambika wrote:
It sends my heart quivering when I consult a doctor and he says its related to 'OLD AGE'. So therfore I'm doomed to undergo pain with no relief? So therefore getting me into a painless state is of no significance? If they think I shall suffer- they have got me wrong. I choose to not suffer.. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.