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What Happens When We Wonder?, by Katie Steedly

FaceBook  On Mar 27, 2018 Amal Mohanty wrote:

 "Appreciating and respecting the wonder of the natural world creates an environment of protection and stewardship......"  are the words of the passage that inspired me to jot down my story.It relates to my present time aah moment.I am residing in solitude in a bush at Ahmedabad.The shelter has all facilities for a comfortable living but no human friends or family.Staying here for about a month now I discovered the wonder, the miracle in my life true to each words the author stated.There is silence but there is the sound of music the nature plays.There is the rising sun over the rain forest and also there are my not very familiar buddies,the peacocks and the anthropoids roaming around with their team and greeting me to their land, the Ashram of Awaking.When I wake up with the call of our national bird in the early hours of dawn I discover the glittering rays of the sun peeping through the branches of trees in front.I kneel down with my folded hands and close my eyes to open the mind that discovers the wonder of the universe.The miracle is here.As the author rightly said compassion,gratitude and understanding emerges from within.The I in Me gets rediscovered and a feeling of enlightenment creeps in.The sense of loneliness fades away. There is no worries but miraculous wonders only prevail. Wishing all my friends of Awaking all the best.Regards.


From Being Driven To Being Drawn, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Aug 1, 2017 Amal Mohanty wrote:

 The passage basically distincts between the power of a rear wheel driven push and the front wheel driven pull of an automobile in an analogy.When we are pushed we normally are driven in a world of unknown as mentioned in the passage but the power of pull is a state of pre awareness we are drawn into.The author has truly pointed out the strength of silence through discovery of an okayness amidst the contradictions.The glass appears half full and the fear of emptiness dissapears.The consciousness blossoms into pure positive state of mind.

We at the session of awaking do get drawn rather than driven.
I convey my sincere thanks to the author for generating the awareness.