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Suffering Leads to Grace, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Sep 27, 2014 Akshay Sadana,NJ (New Jersey) wrote:

 Suffering is always painful, it is well said that the frog under Harrow ( Plow ) only knows the pain. Pain of suffering is hard to define and you get only one thing out of it- that is concentration towards God.
In normal condition while you are praying  the God a small thing will distract your attention but when you  are suffering your prayers will not be disturbed even by big noise or  other irritating factors. So the pain give us the real concentration towards the god.

According to the philosophy of "Bhagwad Geeta"; - What ever we are facing at the moment is the result of our previous "Karma"  so what is happening has to happen, and it will happen, it can not be changed as it is the fruit of our previous Karmas,

Now when you have take the fruit of your old Karmas and your attention is on god and you are praying him with sincere concentration, the time to come will have the effect of this prayer so you are bound to get a better deal for your Karmas from the God, which you could never have been able to get without suffering at present. and praying the god with the concentration you got after having suffered and undergone through the pain.

So it is not with me but every one The suffering gives the grace.


The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Jun 28, 2014 Akshay Sadana, NJ wrote:

 I dropped a Dollar  some time back, I just forgot it and it never mattered me any thing in my life. I gave a penny to some one; I still remember it and think of it. Why?  Just because we don't want to give any thing to any one willfully. We expect either gratitude, appreciation or recognition. If that is the feeling no use giving any thing if you cant forget after giving. If god would have been remembering what he has given to us probably he would not have been continuing give us more and more all the time, as we hardly recognise or appreciate what he has given us or is stilll giving us.


Everything Is A Miracle, by Albert Einstein

FaceBook  On Jun 27, 2014 Akshay Sadana, NJ wrote:

 The biggest Miracle is that only human beings can smile. No other creature has been endowed with this privilege, but the strangest thing is that, we do not want to smile and show others a cheerful face, to make ourselves and others happy.


The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Jun 25, 2014 Akshay Sadana wrote:

 Every one has a desire and inner feeling to be generous and to give others, but we are always in search of a needing persons and in our that search for a real needing person to whom we should give we over look hundreds of needing persons who come across our search and as a result we don't give and go on searching the needing person.
It is better stop your search and give to one or every one who comes in your way and would be benefited more by your coin than you will be effected by loosing it. You will find hundreds of persons who come across you can be benefited without your loosing hardly anything.
So start giving from today to any one who comes across you and you find he needs your coin more than you need your coin.


Everything Is A Miracle, by Albert Einstein

FaceBook  On Jun 25, 2014 Akshay Sadana wrote:

 I do agree "Only a life lived for others is worth living." The simple thing is said so wonderfully that in had a life long impact on my life.