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Space in the Crowded Workplace, by Ashvin Iyengar

FaceBook  On Aug 6, 2010 ashok wrote:

Space in your home.
Space in your heart.
Space of learning.
Space of sharing.
Space for many people.
Space for expressing gratitude for EVERY thing.


Serving Like The Mountain Stream, by Allan Watts

FaceBook  On Aug 15, 2006 Ashok wrote:
"unselfish" word rings a good bell in my heart. This word seems to define a great act or great service. THe author gives many nice examples of mountain streams, songs of birds erc.

If You Don't Go Within, You Simply Go Without, by Victor Frankl

FaceBook  On Jun 28, 2006 ashok wrote:
very interesting to read -- what we expect from life Vs what life expect from us -- and meaning of life Vs questioned by life -- i think meditaion is one of peaceful ways to calm the mind and enable one to find the right, throughtful and prudent actions.

Forgotten Art of Deep Listening, by Kay Lindahl

FaceBook  On Jun 20, 2006 Ashok wrote:
Art of deep listenig - the title itself tells the importance of it. I did not have training in listening skills. But through life experice I found that Listening to others as well as listening to your own "instincts" are very important and beneficial.