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Pandemic, by Lynn Ungar

FaceBook  On Mar 17, 2020 allan G brookstone wrote:
Overly romantic, and not particularly inspiring poetry. The "pandemic" is propaganda to get us "with the program" , which is "sustainability" ( whatever that is) and to become more little automatons, easily controlled and living in growingly restrictive spaces , like, for example, the virtual martial law where we find ourselves . See arthur furstenburg, Invisible Rainbow to find out what Rudolph Steiner would have said about this latest "pandemic." Or listen to ANYTHING James Corbett says at

The Anatomy Of Falling, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Dec 27, 2019 allan G brookstone wrote:
Who says if you don'tsurrender to the disturbance you get sucked into athe negativity? Whatever happened to taking a positive outlook and keeping it ( as much as possible), no matter what!? Isn'tthis article a bit of a psy op to help make us more obedient and passive? I haveto add that there is so much bad and distorted energy everywhere ( in so called "develpoed" areas) that it seems best to stay centered and as distant as possible from the conventional world.