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Response Is Different From An Answer, by Ariel Burger

FaceBook  On Aug 30, 2021 abbe rolnick wrote:
I've often find myself in the gray area, seeing the validity of many differing parties, I to make choices that lean and waiver.... When in doubt, I seek kindness first, analysis later. As a Bubbie, i reflect on my grandchildren, their curiously, their willingness to listen. I have a responsibility to to reflect and offer suggestions. Knowing I don't have answers helps. I share insights.... and they reflect back a rainbow of options.

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, by Alice Walker

FaceBook  On Jul 1, 2020 abbe rolnick wrote:
As a child, I'd close my eyes and move to the music. I didn't know that this was dancing, only that my body felt the rhythms. Fast, slow, furious, passionate, sincere, quiet. Without labels, I was able to tap into the universe, feel all that was, is and would probably be. Later my best friend would play the piano at college late at night and I'd close my eyes and move my body to her music. We took a slice out of time to express our inner selves. I can't sing, play an instrument, but I write and I dance as a way to connect with the universal emotions of all inhabitants. I too have had my share of losses, cancer, divorce, emotional struggles, pain of abuse. I too have had my share of joys, motherhood, education, service to the community, and deep relationships with family, friends, and mother nature. I still hear the rhythmsof the wind, the horses as the neigh, the pattern of the woodpecker, the blob of the frog as it enters the pond. I close my eyes and take a slice of time and sway in honor of all that is..