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Half A Pomegranate, by Brian Conroy

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2020 Vandana wrote:
I just wanted to add another perspective to this story. This is from Vedanta. It says, no one gives away anything for anyone. The person who gives, is giving because he/she/they feel happy after the giving.
So, when the lady gave half of the pomegranate, she did it because she wanted to accumulate the good Karma, so she might have a better re-birth.
So, no giving is selfless 🙏🏽

Half A Pomegranate, by Brian Conroy

FaceBook  On Nov 18, 2020 Vandana wrote:
I think whatever we receivefrom the Mother Nature is always in abundance. For example, right now when I go for my nature walks, I feel so much gratitude while looking at the beauty around me! So many different colors of fall! Such clear and beautiful skies! I see birds and squirrels justfinding enough to eat so they could survive! As I heard from Mooji, "Life takes care of life"! I see it so clearly around me every single day!
Nothing can be more rewarding then just admiring the beauty as life unfolds every single morning!

The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 26, 2020 Vandana wrote:
I am entering into this vast ocean right now. I usually don't add people on Facebook if I don't know them but since I started the Buddhist path and listening/meditating Buddha's teachings about having a open heart I am trying to check my own fear. It's opposite to what I learned from my culture conditioning. I was taught not to trust strangers. But if I have to move forward on this path I need to cultivate a loving kindness heart for all beings without any judgements and exceptions. I am still not sure if it's ok? But I need to take this risk so I can become a part of this ocean and lose this mind made Self.
May all beings be peaceful 🙏🏽