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Real Security is a Process, by Eve Ensler

FaceBook  On Aug 26, 2008 Steven Bell wrote:
I think that the reason the US strives for security, isn't that they doubt death's existance. I think it's because we want to get the innocent out of harm's way. You look at 9/11 and you see innocent people dying. I do agree that change is good. I do think that this nation, who loves Barack Obama's change campaign, understands that change is good as well. Security can only be found in the realization, that life is about more that this life. It's about life in the next. Jesus is true secruity.

The Art of Staying in Balance, by Osho

FaceBook  On Aug 19, 2008 Steven wrote:
i have many enemies who were never my friends. Guys who just don't get along happen all the time. And even then we are gaining momentum to become friends. This article is a bit weird. and one last thing, i dont know what they are saying about going from waking to sleep. I lie in bed for an hour before i fall asleep, and the vice versa of that is incredibly harder.