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Advice From A Tree, by Ilan Shamir

FaceBook  On Sep 26, 2017 Soulwing wrote:

I love trees!! My child, Banyan, is named after a tree. :-). They give so, so, much, including the very air we breath and ask of nothing from us in return.  Love the joy they provide with the changing orange, yellow, red of the leaves. Love that they are a testament to slowing down and just be. Love all their wonderfully diverse barks, smoothness of crape myrtle, sponginess of the cork tree, roughness of elms:-).  Can't say enough about them!  They have brought me so much joy and peace. 


Not Resisting Resistance, by Peter Russell

FaceBook  On Dec 30, 2014 Soul wing wrote:

Not resisting resistance means not getting mad at drivers who drive rudely or discourteously.  You go with your own flow and allow them to flow through without being upset by it :-).