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Pandemic, by Lynn Ungar

FaceBook  On Mar 12, 2020 SC wrote:
My heart feels deep relief at what is remembered within me as I read these words. Such gratitude to Lynn for writing and Awakin for sharing out. "The Great Turning" as Joanna Macy describes it, is underway, even as we see its parallel sibling story "The Great Unraveling" making itself more known before our eyes. Where will our tender attention feed that more beautiful world we all know is possible? Love you, community.

Planetary Beings with Planetary Hearts, by Clare Dakin

FaceBook  On Jun 7, 2016 Sara wrote:

 Love this passage! Redefining the death-like experience of releasing the fearful versions of our stories & allowing "full ecological restoration to be our legacy"... so very beautiful. What is evoked for me here is the image of an artistic living... In fact, it's striking that she talks about nature reeducating us from the toes up (and from the inside out), because apparently recent research shows that humans who grew up to become artists tended to have drawn stick figures differently as children -- namely, feet first.  Here's to artfully releasing fear & living bravey. 


The Capacity for Successful Solitude, by Sherry Turkle

FaceBook  On Mar 4, 2016 Sara wrote:

 A beautiful reflection! Indigenous cultures have traditionally recognized & cultivated the art of solitude as exists even while immersed in community. An interesting dimension on this concept is the practice, manifesting differently across cultures, of women retreating as needed from usual responsibilities to be in the fold of other women, to rejuvenate and to heal. Some women practice abstention from physical touch for several days per month to acknowledge & honor a sacred, cyclical cleansing of the body-mind. Elders inspire a deepening into ourselves through their simple modeling of successful solitude in whatever form is authentic for them.


Humility Really Cannot be Considered a Virtue, by Swami Dayananda Saraswati

FaceBook  On Oct 1, 2015 Sara wrote:

 A beautiful teaching... to "simply enjoy the world as a field for the discovery of knowledge"... This speaks to the power of being in a space of continual learning & active experimentation with one's experiencing. If we start to believe we have the ultimate answer, we are already stagnating, because any ultimate answer would be impossible to capture within the constraints of time, space and words. Rather, experiencing an ultimate answer would be needed, and in order to be experiencing, the experience has to continue, not any conclusion-making.


The Power of Art, by John F. Kennedy

FaceBook  On Aug 29, 2015 Sara wrote:

 Poetry as a refuge for inner reflection. The reflections arising from this reading are related to a dimension of power only accessible through the indulgence of poetry. Envisioning the reality where we support, even encourage, our leaders -- and ourselves! -- to each practice the art of our souls, be it through words or images or movement, etc... It feels like it would mean allowing this luxury, acknowledging the inherent value of each heart's individual expression towards development of more full, and thus stronger, outcomes.

Tangibly what comes to mind is the work of Paulo Freire, a 20th century Brazilian educator/activist known for his commitment to social justice & grass-roots transformation, and of Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theater director / activist. While my working knowledge of their work is still quite limited, what speaks strongly to me about it is the hands-on aspect of engaging with individuals, role-playing new responses that transcend the cycle of Oppression / oppressors / oppressed ....

Main message: the power of the practice of art of transcend.