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Now I Become Myself, by May Sarton

FaceBook  On Oct 20, 2020 Lakshmi wrote:
I think and therefore I am! Our thinking have been molded by our parents, friends, teachers, colleagues and so on. I’ve never been given a chance to be myself. There is always a notch to be scaled over above us. When we grow old, we have the time to reflect on ourselves, Then we rewind our life and find out that we’ve never taken charge. Sad but true. Many talented people feel sorry for the lost opportunities.
im old now and im glad that I’ve found myself And I can stand and stare at stars and watch youngsters madly rushing to achieve. Now I think and therefore I’m.

Abandon Only What Is Not Yours, by Shaila Catherine

FaceBook  On Aug 27, 2019 Lakshmi wrote:
Letting go of the hurtful incidents is a major tumbling block in attaining peace. When we feel that we’ve overcome The wrongs done to us, suddenly we are overwhelmed by the emotions of sadness,anger,”why me” etc. out of the blue we are attacked. Can you please explain this phenomenon? I’d also like to know how to do let go meditation.

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister, by Parag Shah

FaceBook  On Sep 5, 2017 Lakshmi wrote:

 " "Nothingness" does not mean emptiness or big void. It is a strong feeling when only one thing is experienced. When things get beyond our ability to cope with or change our situation, then we surrender to the almighty. At that moment we experience this unique, unified state of oneness with the flow of life. That I'd say is "Nothingness ".