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The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Jan 26, 2015 Thyla wrote:

 My first born is a Senior in High School this year.  As we filled out college applications and it dawned on me that my baby will be going off to college in fall, my priorities underwent a sea change. "I always have time now" for whenever we are able to spend time together.  She sometimes likes to just have a cup of tea with me or we watch HGTV together or cuddle on the sofa;  she is finishing up homework and I am sitting at the other side of the dining table..but I am with her.  This of course was not the case before;  I always had the "to do" list.  But once I started believing that I needed to spend time with her," I was able to have time.'


Intentions Are Seeds, by Gil Fronsdal

FaceBook  On Jan 18, 2015 thyla wrote:

i love  the statement,  "people who do not see their choices, believe they do not have choices";  that is such a profound and honest statement.  Reflecting on it made me realize, another aspect of mindfulness.  Thank you.