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Anyone Else Suffer From Active Laziness?, by Sif Anna Dal

FaceBook  On Dec 2, 2014 Cynthia wrote:

 Be Still..

'Being' instead of 'doing' comes to mind when reading this article.  

It it has taken a lifetime of 'doing' to make realize 'being' is where I am happiest, joyful, loving, kind. . . . To me first and then others.  

I have aver never enjoyed shopping because of all its hustle and bustle.  Crowds annoy and agitate me....I adore the term mentioned in one of the shares 'frenetic energy'. 

Unfortunately, I observe society pushing more of this 'active laziness' . . . busy all the time, on children.  

No no wonder the world has so many I solved problems.

i love the Scripture, 'BE STILL and know that I am God.'

today, I relax . . . be not do knowing God is in Charge.

have a peace filled day . . . 


Money is not Wealth, by Alan Watts

FaceBook  On Jul 14, 2014 Cindy wrote:

 How lovely all the shares I have read....I feel wealthy because I am alive.  May I always appreciate the grace of being alive.  So many are not fortunate to feel alive, healthy, free.  Free to be me.  Money is a protection of sorts.  Faith and a trust that goes beyond material assets is the sweetness of a child's love and appreciation of waking up to a new day.  This is wealth!  Being aware of the moment and thankfully grateful ... This too is wealth!


Always Had It, Always Will, by Alan Cohen

FaceBook  On Dec 18, 2012 Cindy wrote:
 Love!  Love is the answer...unselfish, pure love.  The kind of innocent love of a toddler.  A trusting love.  The kind of love of a pet when it sees its master.  A vibrating love so powerful bodies shake and tails wag. True, unadulterated love of self, others, life.