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Monet Refuses The Operation, by Lisel Mueller

FaceBook  On Oct 15, 2019 Norma wrote:
I was so touched by this poem. Talk about finding the gifts in aging. Refusing to be restored to youth to hold on to the images that show the interconnectedness of life. It’s not just nature and buildings that shine their auras - so do our relationships which are embraced in the halo of our love. Loving light is the best. As I enter my final life chapter I would like to remember and notice all these gifts of aging.

Do A Nice Thing For Your Future Self, by Elizabeth Gilbert

FaceBook  On Mar 6, 2018 Norma wrote:

 I do the same thing!  I never framed it as a gift to my future self.  When I leave my home, I put everything in order and imagine how the house will look when I return.  Sometimes, I put a treat on the counter like flowers or a sweet.  I love that feeling when I enter my home and feel welcomed!


Praise Song for Wide Open Space, by Omid Safi

FaceBook  On Feb 14, 2017 Norma Ruiz wrote:

 When I walk my dogs each morning, I try to remember to look up and see the vastness above me -- the sky being warmed by the sun, the hills.  This helps cleanse my mind of the thousand thoughts that pull me out of the moment.  When I breathe in the cool morning and exhale my thoughts releasing them to the universe, I start opening my heart.  Sometimes, it opens big enough to embrace the whole of life.  This is my daily practice.


Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy, by Eckhart Tolle

FaceBook  On Apr 20, 2016 Norma Ruiz wrote:

 This has so resonated with me.  I figured out early in my marriage that it is not my job to make my husband happy -- that's his job.  After a few years, I realized that it was also not his job to make me happy, that's MY job.  I have grown so much in our relationship, not because he makes me happy, but because he can stoke every unconscious and unresolved issue in every dark corner of my being.  Today, I am grateful and in love with my husband for helping with my growth which has released me to deeper connect with spirit, love of self and others and a rich life.  The journey was not easy as I had to grieve the relationship I thought I wanted with him and trust that something better was ahead.


Freely vs Free, by Thuy Nguyen

FaceBook  On Jan 30, 2015 Norma wrote:

 Beautifully said.  Thank you for finding the words to express what I have not been able to.  I too like to give freely and my motives have been questioned.  Your well articulated understanding helps me find the words to understand myself.  Thank you again.


Come Home to Love, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Sep 2, 2014 Norma wrote:
 For me, coming home to love is resting in the deep understanding that we are all connected and my well of compassion spills over to those that are suffering.