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Four B's Of Resilience And Worth, by Saul Levine

FaceBook  On Sep 4, 2021 Elaine noonan wrote:
Most wonderful thoughts and reflections ❤️Life changing

Only Stillness Can Change Us, by Jean Klein

FaceBook  On Aug 21, 2021 Elaine Gotfryd Noonan wrote:
Living in stillness and full observation of thoughts, emotions and the whole self is key to avoiding a back and forth activity in the mind which can perpetuate restlessness and promote mental activity.Unmotivated alertness and quiet looking is how the author names the state of meditation desired. For me, relaxed breathing helps.


Response Is Different From An Answer, by Ariel Burger

FaceBook  On Aug 14, 2021 Elaine Gotfryd Noonan wrote:
"We need the humilityof consistent self-examination" I feel is a most important statement. This is our basis of where all of our ideas, thoughts, and conversations are processed. If we are in a balanced place we can respond and not merely answer which is definitive and closes down conversation. This open process will encourage idea sharing and improved respectful communication.

Two Drops Of Oil, by Paulo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 27, 2021 Elaine Gotfryd noonan wrote:
This is a beautiful story which talks about life. It is important to be aware of all the goodness in your life while experiencing the world around you. In the case of this story, to treasure the 2 drops of oil while exploring the palace .

How Caterpillar Turns Into A Butterfly, by Norie Huddle

FaceBook  On Nov 2, 2020 Elaine Gotfryd Noonan wrote:
The caterpillar intuitively knows it must change in order to evolve. Voila the chrysalis. Voila .. imaginal cells thrive ( no matter what the outdated " caterpillar" thoughts) .The power of the imaginal cells surpasses the attack of the immune system . Often people in our lives don't "vibe" with our transformation . New transitional vibes attract new "like vibes" into your life .. a new tribe is born and works together toward a new common good. Check out the book, Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus... my wings are ready 🦋 🦋

We're Voting With Our Attention, by Leah Pearlman

FaceBook  On Oct 25, 2020 Elaine wrote:
Wow! Such an important brain function to understand and observe in daily living. Thank you so much for helping me further attend to the best daily focuses and observations ❤️

Four Types Of Listening, by Otto Scharmer

FaceBook  On Jun 27, 2020 Elaine noonan wrote:
I can relate to each levels of listening as I am aware and observe myself listening . I can tell if the speaker is wanting an interaction and engaged conversation while open to other or new ideas. Then I find myself in generative listing. I don't personally choose my level of listening it seems automatic based on the individual that I'm speaking with.

Today I spoke with a friend I have not seen in sometime and listened to her thoughts and concerns about the Covid situation.I listen to from my heart and could tell her emotion beneath her words. This is how I responded to see about relaxing her concerns in a more objective less emotional way.

To Find Something, Don't Look For It, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On Jun 20, 2020 Elaine Gotfryd Noonan wrote:
To live in the present moment, while being aware of the past or projection of the future, requires an openness to the revelations and discoveries along the way. Pursuing ideas or interests without limiting the types of experiences or visions of what my seeking will look like is important for me; in this "open hearted and open minded place", I recognize a new idea or opportunity as it is revealed in the present moment. If I have a preconceived idea or paradigm, I may totally miss what opportunityis being brought into my life....something greater than I could not have imagined. Recognizing any filters (past life experiences) in my perception of any given situation, that may be projected in the future, is an aspect of of what I am taking into consideration in any given moment.

When I needed a job to raise my family, I had no experience in a library or as a librarian. I remained open to this new possibility and I had since gone on to pursue a Masters Degree in Library Science and completed 21 years as a District wide School Librarian.

What helps me stay open to possibility is the joy and love of life, and the infinite possibilities that exist. I am excited to be a part of a vast world or opportunity anddo not want to limit myself to old thinking or habits that will prevent my growth and development. I want to contribute more to our world through the growth of personal consciousness and that reflection in the world as I see and experience it.

Thank you
Elaine Gotfryd Noonan

Into The Chrysalis, by Chris Corrigan

FaceBook  On May 9, 2020 Elaine wrote:
Mindful observations and meditation help realize my perspective of what's real.