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Life May Itself Be A Koan, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Mar 24, 2020 maria wrote:
The image for me is seeing a split, one being fear the other love.
yet I also see it as two teams partaking in something beautiful and bringing together the birth of a whole new self. Something new and fresh is to be born. Each contraction maybe painful and fearful and just when it reaches the peak, the mother and baby meet and see each other for the first time. Yet they have always been together. We are all partaking in this change, the new birth, all teams having a part to play. The observers who hold space and keep calm and those who allow the fear to come up, be exposed and let go. Nothing is separate although it may look like on the surface.
we have created something together, in agreement of our fuller potential and higher vibrational loving energy, to be with Mother Earth and experience the knowing of our connection.

The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 18, 2020 maria wrote:
When you become aware of another in a dilemma of some kind and for them it’s so heavy they can only naturally share some burden so as to ease the load. Not always do they want advice and direction. Yet we can so easily jump in to dosomething to help them, by not just listening and allowing them to vent of this weighted burden, we then start to speak, we advice, criticiseadd our opinions, thinking we are helping, but we are blocking the other persons flow and only keep the unhealthy fire burning by adding some fuel. Even if a situation arose that you knew the person was in conflict with, but never discussed it or addressed there even was a issue or conflict happening.
it is so easy to offer advice, an therefore stop the natural flow.
when we try to help, and from a good place, it doesn’t allow the other to go through life’s struggles, learn and become strong and wise because of them.
to help a butterfly from its chrysalis during its brief struggle to get out, would only make it weak. Through struggle the butterfly strengthens itself and it’s wings, like a good work out in the gym
without this struggle it would be weak and unable to fly, and lose what would have been beautiful.
we actually help mostly through fear, and a need to protect.
if we allowed a fully trusted in life just like animals do, then fear would not exist.
To hold space for someone is to be a standing rock, who listens without input but with compassion and understanding so the other feels heard.
They would feel so lighter without hard input added. A simple nod of the head or a cuddle and love, supporting them and telling them everything will be ok, would mean so much.
Be the rock, the strength, the space for them to breathe. We so easily do the wrong thing thinking we are doing the right thing. Times are changing now and we understand more. A whole new way to teach the youngster though.