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Privacy Is Not Possible, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Jun 16, 2015 Jacqueline wrote:

Well said. Thoughts are forces and the analogy I have used for my children growing up is that these thoughts appear in space just like a cartoonist visually shows the words the character is speaking. All the thoughts have created a very dense space that many of us have been led to spiritually /energetically transform and clear the air waves, so to speak. The environmental movement is a physical manifestation of what we feel in this human "mind" consciousness.   Notice what you feel in different citiesversus being in Nature, the beauty that was Divinely  created in good thought   The density of energy will disappear as the vibration of joy and love and service to each other will transform the old negative thoughts discarded by the millions of unawakened minds just passing on generational habitual thought of opinions.  It is the journey to mastering each of our so called "minds" that this gift of "life"  is revealed in public


The Fish on the Camel, by Gail Gustafson

FaceBook  On Jun 10, 2014 Jacqueline wrote:

 As there are no coincidences, this was a wonderful reminder for me that I have jumped off the camal, knowing that I am leaving our home with my children on June 30th, and not knowing concretely where we are going at this moment in time.  I am yielding to the calling that it is time to move and let go of all logical thought.  To trust and believe at a whole new level that "what I'm seeking, has been seeking me"  or another way, "what came first the chicken or the egg?"  So I let go, and truly thank the energy of the free donated BRACO Gazes of Peace  (  this week to strengthen my inner core, my soul, which knows my path, my children's path, and all that I'm meant to do in service.  In gratitude and love.