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Ambiguity Of Violence, by Robert Sapolsky

FaceBook  On Mar 29, 2021 Liz Helgesen wrote:
With Love Not Aggression

This piece made me feel very uncomfortable. I am uncertain the wife's actions were wise, and seemed not non-violent to me. Especially that children were in the car watching and experiencing what was being modeled. Second, calling the other driver a villain, also does not seem non-violent. We don't know what we don't know.

Gosh, I would need to take a breath and choose my response carefully with so much and so many lives at stake. With love, always. Liz

You Must Shout From The Heart, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Oct 5, 2018 Liz Helgesen wrote:
I committ!

I've learned that it is incumbant upon me to share what I've learned.  That I have a moral and ethical obligation to pass on to others the wisdom and truth that I have been so graciously given.  I usually embrace this responsibility with passion, rigor and joy.  But sometimes I feel self-doubt and uncertainty. "You Must Shout From The Heart" gives me permission to just do it anyway!  No matter how it sounds!  Whether I'm right or wrong!  Perfect or messy!  I realize that all that is expected of me is that I go out and do good.  To help one other soul.  So, I committ.  I join you, right here, right now. And I will go shout this from the roof top, from my heart!
With love,

Laziness As Our Personal Teacher, by Pema Chodron

FaceBook  On Nov 17, 2017 Liz Helgesen wrote:

 I've learned to allow and love my laziness!  After suffering for years with unnecessary panic and guilt, I now 'lean in' to my laziness because I know and trust myself.   As my personal history shows, my lethargy or exhaustion eventually passes and my engines rev back up and my work gets done.  I know this.  I trust this.  This trust helps me 'lean in' to the laziness and give my self, guilt-free the moment or hour or day to recharge and practice just being.

With my love and gratitude for our Readings,


Touching the Earth, by Tracy Cochran

FaceBook  On Apr 18, 2017 Liz Mitten Ryan wrote:
I like physically touching the earth, sitting in  my shorts in the warm fragrant garden earth in the sun, weeding, thinning... the little plants, walking in the garden in my bare feet,  breathing in the essence of the new life,  amidst the sounds of birds and little flying bugs. I love touching the new bark of the aspens, like baby skin and the soft spring green needles of the fir trees, sitting in the grass beneath them lost in the miniature world of twigs and moss, stones and new grasses and wildflowers. The earth wants us to take the time to exchange our love for her...

We Are Swimming in Miracles, by Peter Kalmus

FaceBook  On Mar 28, 2017 Liz Mitten Ryan wrote:
 When I was a little girl my mother told me that our two biggest blessings are health and happiness. It is important to focus on our blessings, hold gratitude in our hearts for all of our gifts and to see God in all life. From the simplest things, whether sweeping a floor or baking bread, gardening, or walking in nature, we are doing it for God. Every interaction is a conversation with God. If we allow that force of unconditional love to become us and live through us we have gratitude for all things. It's all always perfect and a gift for our highest good. When we surrender to that higher knowing and listen to our intuition we are always guided by miracles and our life becomes a miracle. Spend time in nature and with natural beings like animals and trees. Notice the peace and love everywhere. Think about every little aspect of creation -it is all a miracle!

I Awaken Before Dawn, by Helen Moore

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2015 Liz Helgesen wrote:

Reading this piece (but sipping coffee :)) brought me right to the minutia of my life with gratitude for every tiny detail, every breath, each beat of my heart. For every heart beat of my precious family, individually and collectively. For every dirty dish I am so blessed to wash.  For every letter of this keyboard I am so fortunate to press. And for every eye (and ear!) that gets to read this post, I am grateful. And for every soul in between us, I pray.  I pray and invite them all to join us in this place. Right here. Right now. Just for this moment.  With this reading. With love, for all of creation.  Liz 


Time is a Season, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2015 Liz Raphael Helgesen wrote:

I struggled to grasp this Reading and had to read several times.  But as walked away from the recording studio, I found myself asking, "what is the personality of this hour, this moment?  How can I be in it, contribute to it, change it for the better, for someone else's life?"  I will go and do that now. With love.  Liz


Privacy Is Not Possible, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2015 Liz Helgesen wrote:

With the belief that we are all one, comes my personal responsibility to keep my thoughts, speech and actions clean and in alignment with their highest purpose.  As in this beautiful passage, when I reflect on the impact my well-being has on the rest of humanity, I am so inspired to press on and elevate my inner work.  With my thanks and love.  Liz