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Universal Humans In Training, by Gary Zukav

FaceBook  On Sep 3, 2019 Linda wrote:
I believe we all long to return to union.....we all know what union feels like because we experienced it when we were in our mother's womb. That was when we were not one and alone but we were two and together. We all search for the rest of our lives to experience that union again. We get glimpses of it through the love of our family, through sex and those occasional moments when through empathy we feel one with another human being. I search for more of those moments. They are peak experiences when I feel the glimpse of immortality. I befriended a man experiencing homelessness, who lived in my neighborhood. Slowly over time I got to know and understand his experience of life on this beautiful earth. We could not have been more different.....two different ages, different races, such different life experiences. He was a vet, an alcoholic, estranged from his family. I am a woman "of privilege". I started out thinking that I was helping him but over time I came to realize that he was helping me. I learned so much from him. He gave me the gift of knowing it is possible to feel union with anyone on this earth. If we are slow be gentle and be present in the moment to what is called for and then to be willing to act. Now I try it in many different ways, always in search of feeling that moment of immortality again. 

A Portrait in Patience, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Jun 29, 2010 Linda Campbell wrote:

Very beautiful, just what I needed to be reminded of...thanks. I will continue to be patient.....