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Feel Free To Set A Better Example, by Ryan Holiday

FaceBook  On Apr 23, 2019 jyotima wrote:
My story is a perfect example of Grace and Gratitude. Since my childhood i suffered from health challenges. I was fighter and kept bouncing back to live a normal life. During this process of fighting i lost my own power and started blaming and complaining about everything. My entire focus Went on what is not happening right in my life and ignoring all the good things in life , till i reached a tipping point. In year 2010 i experienced lifeand death situation , that was the turning point in my life. I realised during those moments how much blessed i was and how much i was missing the important things in life by just complaining. I learnt the magical power of Gratitude and Grace. I took responsibilty of my own life and started working towards it. I revived myself to new life by practicing Gratitude, Forgiveness and unconditional love. Today i am living an happy blessed abundant grateful life. And Whatever i learnt during the process today i pay forward by helping people To take responsibility of their own life and become captain of their own ship. As a life coach and Humanitarian i sprinkle the magic of gratitudeto whomsoever i come across. Life is beautiful and Gratitude is Magical.💕🙏🙏🙏Keep counting your blessings.

​Perspective, by Aaron Zehah

FaceBook  On Oct 2, 2018 Jyotima wrote:

 Myself Jyotima, When i was very young i was diagnosed with disease names Takayashu. I was always sick and moving around doctors. I used to complain a lot, crib, cry and use to ask “ Why Me”. Why i have to suffer so much, why I am going thru all this. Why can’t i live a normal life. My life became a life of a victim. While this was all going there was so much good also happening in my life. My supportive parents, my well paying job,good life style, beautiful home,  my loving husband ,adorable kids and caring friends all around, which i never noticed and appreciated. In year 2010 when my health deterioted and life got me the situation where i could see death very closely , i got the awakening and realisation of life , how blessed i was. Every breathe was so precious , every moment is a blessing which i spent in complaining . That was a turning time in my life which shaped my perspective of life and started practicing “ Gratitude” for my every breathe. I start my day saying “ Thank you God i am alive”. Today i am grateful Life Coach helping people to practice gratitude  and live a happy blissful abundant life. Life is so beautiful, count your blessings. Thank you thank yiu thank you,  magical word.