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The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 28, 2020 Sumit Bhatia wrote:
Very well shared! We often take big life decisions, moving from our comfortable zone to the uncomfortable one, the right one, the progressive one! We know that's right and developing, yet we tremble, try everything to stop ourselves. But once we determine a little stronger, take decision to move on, enter into the sea of life, we become the OCEAN! We do look back, memories come afresh, but it is the good memories and rewarding contentment, becoming better, becoming bigger, entering into a new orbit, certainly for good!

What Can You Trust?, by Doug Powers

FaceBook  On May 14, 2020 Sumit Bhatia wrote:
I am a teacher, and I love teaching!

Little less than four years ago, I joined an organization, simply to develop personally & professionally. I was always good at mentoring, hence the graph of my promotion moved high and fast. Soon, there was pressure of performance, targets and visibility, which made me cross my own ethics! Soon, I was two living personalities, doing well in none! My social contacts started getting scanty, people started missing me, whereas on the other side, myprofessional network side went higher and higher!

The parents of the organization being highly passionate and goal oriented, the pressure went so high, that it started making me realise, i was not working for my development, but theirs! What I ran for, ignored my family for, compromises my health for, our my own profession at stake for was not my goals, but theirs! I also realised, my core values never matched theirs, and feared becoming someone I never wanted to!

CORE VALUES - Core Values are like bricks which put together one by one, make up the wall called vision of life! This is what caught my attention. I wrote what attracted me the most, reaching to my own clarity on my core values! Alas! I realised, the mismatched core values of the organization brought me farther and farther from my own life ethics and visions!

I wrote the pros & cons of discontinuing, and the pros were far higher than the cons! This was a turning point. Shared and talked with two of my family members and three friends, who helped me back my list as well as decision! Left the organization! I miss that, a lot, but it is same as missing the high calorie butteryfood while on a diet and gym regime! We know, 'No pain, no gain!'