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Releasing Willpower From Movement, by Gert van Leeuwen

FaceBook  On Mar 3, 2020 Ishwar wrote:
Will power seems to be a part of the Ego network. All my life I have been ambitious and made lot of success. But what good it is if I am not enlightened. May be this too is a part of ego!!!

Enlightenment is Intimacy with All Things, by Michael Damian

FaceBook  On Feb 10, 2020 Ishwar Garg wrote:
I agree. The secret is meditate on "Who am I?" as Raman says. It seems that will Reveal the mystery of existence. Though Buddha says you are 5 Aggregates. May be that is only the Surface I. Deeper I has to be explored perhaps.

When Light Shines, Darkness Becomes The Light, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Jan 26, 2020 Ishwar wrote:
Darkness merges in to light. Does it mean my wrongs eg my ego becomes light? Then I might be rationalizing my bad in to good? Seems to be wrong interpretation!!

Art And The Practice Of Being Yourself, by Stanley Kunitz

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2013 Ishwar wrote:

 I agree. It seems that is the purpose of creation.. A soul keeps reincarnating till it becomes perfect and then merge with the Universal Soul. But who knows. It insure is a mystery.