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Accept What Is, Lead To Improve, by Marc Lesser

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2021 Deven wrote:
This article made me think, I am grateful for that.I have read/heard about accepting and allowing the current situation as it is in Jon Kabat-Zin's mindfulness programs. However, there is a need to make changes and how do I balance it.

The last paragraph on change resonated with me.Reflections from others helped me refine my thoughts. I see several parts to it.

ONE: Have an open mind and embrace changes as they come. Be aware of my ego feeling threatened by it and raising the guard to deny/resist it.

TWO: Have a beginner's mindset to take next moment as it is without tainting it with my past biases and assumptions.

THREE: Be a witness to inner weather of emotions, feelings, and thoughts - detach from them, let them pass through my inner space of awareness rather being swept away by them or fighting with them.

FOUR: Proactively, look for opportunities to transform myself with new ideas and initiatives before the situation changes into an emergency or fire drill where I am working under duress/stress/worry/fear/anxiety. In this way, I am not reacting with my shadow/ego, I am rather transforming myself following through using my inner compass.

Smiles and gratitude


Just Become A Swinging Door, by Shunryu Suzuki

FaceBook  On Jun 22, 2021 Deven Pravin Shah wrote:
So beautifully said - my breathing happens continuously: and every breathe can be a reminder for me to connect with the universal consciousness and detach from my small self or the ego.

Thank you for sharing this.

Four Stages Of Groundedness, by John J. Prendergast

FaceBook  On Dec 29, 2020 Deven Pravin Shah wrote:
This reminded me one more time to allow the present moment as it is, not to deny what my mind thinks not so pleasant, nor to frame it for something from the desired outcome in the future.

Let the present moment be. Even when my mind takes me to the fantasy land, my body is here in the present.

The Moment We Encounter True Happiness, by Ilie Cioara

FaceBook  On Dec 15, 2020 Deven Pravin Shah wrote:
I try to stay in the moment and smile without holding on to a memory in the past or craving for something in the future. It is challenging to do, harder than I had thought initially. However, when it works, I can feel the stillness, even if momentarily.

When I am in that space and not in my thinking mind, I can relate to the idea of happiness, as explained in this article.

In the meantime, I remind myself to find reasons to smile no matter what the circumstance. It connects me to that tranquil peace and happiness and abundance from inside.

The Game Is To Be Where You Are, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2020 Deven Pravin Shah wrote:
The ripple touches me from this reflection.

I can get so wrapped up in my pre-conceived notions and impressions from experience with a person. I forget we all are connected as part of one universal consciousness. Going out in nature naturally guides me to be in the moment, soaking in the ambiance around me. This reflection nudged me to be that way here, and now, in the middle of work and routine, I might have to go on.

A couple of other thoughts came up to me while thinking about it.

One, let the present moment be, as it is. Allow it, accept it without expectation of framing it to be something else from my past or future.

Two, this moment, right now, is new. It is fresh. See it with a beginner’s mindset to embrace possibilities it can bring. Let the magic unfold without judging it.

I learned about this from mindfulness related readings and teachings. I see synergies with those to be where I am.

Smiles and gratitude for this insightful reflection and reading,


A Route Back To Wonder, by Fabiana Fondevila

FaceBook  On Sep 29, 2020 Deven Shah wrote:
Growing up in India, clouds always have so many positive connotations for me. I appreciate clouds for what they do and bring.

In this article, I loved the connection betweenthe clouds and the magicand dreams and the sense of what is important in my life.

Glory And Terror Of It, by Irina Tweedie

FaceBook  On Sep 1, 2020 Deven Pravin Shah wrote:
It reminds me one more time that I am part of connected consciousness.

I am part of an energy field, and I am also creating an energy field with every thought, every action I take consciously or subconsciously.

The reading also inspired me to be compassionate to myself and others, and let those positive vibrations be part of the space.